To become fluent and artistic on the violin requires many hours of practice and I have never experienced pain or physical discomfort during practice or performance. I attribute this to a natural physical stance that has prevented spinal twisting and left arm problems.

A combination of careful attention to technical details and inspiring musical freedom is paramount to my approach.

My work with Manuel Compinsky, Nathan Milstein and Josef Gingold, and my friendship with Dorothy Delay inspired my approach with students. 

Tendonitis has become a rampant problem all over the world for violinists. Through my Masterclasses and private teaching, I have established myself as a pain relief specialist.

'The Dylana Jenson Workshop is, in a word, magnificent.  Combining a supportive atmosphere in a masterclass setting with a razor-sharp attention to detail, the amount one can learn in a week seems almost unbelievable. To find a teacher that can explain things in a simple and straightforward manner is rare.  To find a teacher that can do this, and also demonstrate playing to the highest degree possible is rarer still — yet that is exactly what can be found in Dylana Jenson. Her ability to work with you through whatever issue you may be dealing with, and in small and digestible chunks to make sure it really sinks in, is valuable beyond what words can adequately express.  At its core, the Workshop reminds us that music is about freedom of expression, and emotion; and that the process of learning it is essentially fun.  It is a truly inspiring experience.' S. Johnson, Workshop Participant 2015

Nathan Milstein, Jasha Heifetz, Henryk Szeryng, Pinchas Zuckerman, Itzak Perlman, Isaac Stern and David Oistrakh are all examples of great artists who did not use a shoulder rest.

My initial work with a student isolates the importance of rhythmic integrity. When this is established it can then lead the student to understand and feel emotional improvisation in the music.