The Dylana Jenson Workshop

Daily Masterclasses where every student will work on their specific goals. This Workshop week is for young students (minimum age 16), amateurs, professionals and teachers.

Do you want to prepare for a competition or need help to relieve chronic pain or tension?

Do you want to prevent or heal an injury, or concentrate on a concerto or unaccompanied Bach?

Are you a teacher and want to help your students play without injury and lead them towards emotional freedom of expression?

Relaxation time includes ping pong, barbecues and reading on the shaded deck. 

The Dylana Jenson Workshop runs for one week (4pm arrival on the first day, 10am departure on the final day)

Tuition $1850
Includes all meals and double room accommodation.

Tuition $1500
If you prefer staying at your own accommodations, tuition will include lunch and dinner each day at the Workshop.

If you can't join us for one of the Workshops, why not book a few days of intensive violin study during the year? Please inquire about tuition. 


"Attending your workshop has been one of the best musical experiences and decisions I’ve ever made. The approach taken in the workshop is so straightforward and simple, it reminded me to get out of my own way in my playing, and to always seek out the most natural way of moving. It also reminded me of what ‘natural’ is after so many years of doing certain things unnaturally.  I’ve developed far greater security in more aspects of my playing than I can count, and I play in much greater comfort, and without pain (aside from getting sore in the muscle in my back you pointed out to us to use for our bow stroke).  Playing has become so much easier, and there are so many more avenues of expression open to me as a result of everything I learned.

The masterclass format is incredibly helpful, and was great for letting me see some of the issues other players were dealing with — sometimes similar, sometimes not — and how they overcome them, and how the things they learned also apply to me.

Being able to stay in your home also allowed for a very informal, and welcoming atmosphere in which support and encouragement were emphasized from the very beginning.  I’ve never felt so comfortable to hit a wrong note, nor so determined to excel in whichever aspect of playing we were addressing, and to become a better player as a result."

Scott Johnson, Workshop 2014

"I really think your workshop is a unique and wonderful experience! It was really interesting to hear what you had to say about my playing, and has given me a different perspective that is valuable and very interesting. I am very intent on understanding how to play and how to help young players develop. I really enjoyed discussing this with you and would love to be able to do so more some day!  In addition, it was wonderful to watch your work with the other participants and to hear and see the changes in their playing - their progress was truly impressive, and your musical and technical insights are always great to hear; so just being able to sit and listen to them, to your demonstrations, to the ideas behind what you are saying - it's all terrific!"

Janet Melnicoff Brown, Workshop 2014  recipient of Peabody Preparatory's Excellence in Teaching Award in 2014.

"The  ideas that Ms. Jenson taught me were and are applicable to all the pieces of music that I have played, and has contributed greatly to my growth as a musician. Not only that, but the atmosphere was always one of respect and encouragement."

Eleanor Yu, Workshop 2015

"Being a violin student of Ms. Dylana Jenson has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. For many years I was playing with a technique that caused me a lot of pain in both my wrists, but especially in the right hand. When I told her, she immediately cared and we started working in a more natural way to play violin.

Something that really helped me was that she explained to me why my other technique didn’t work for me and how adopting a more natural position of holding the bow would help me. The other thing that I changed was removing the shoulder rest. This, instead of making things harder, it made them easier.

After the first weeks working in the way she showed me, I started feeling better. Now, I play without pain. Mrs. Jenson is definitely amazing not only as a violinist but also as a teacher and as a person!"

– P. Soto, student