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Dylana Jenson has a unique story. As a child prodigy growing up in the 1970s, her training and artistry is deeply indebted to the master violinists of the mid-twentieth century. She also draws inspiration from the Suzuki method, Alexander technique, holistic healing, knowledge of literature and science, and a very rich cross-cultural upbringing. Dylana’s teaching embodies so much more than just the violin and she has instilled in all of her students that music is a vehicle for social change.

General Information      

Dylana Jenson's String Academy of Grand Rapids holds a unique position in West Michigan. Open to children ages 3-18 who wish to study the violin and cello through a curriculum that includes individual, group lessons, Masterclasses and performance opportunities. Instruction is based upon the methods and philosophies of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Dylana Jenson. Beginners participate weekly in both individual and group lessons. Parents and others support and encourage their students in individual and group lessons and daily practice.

The experience and expertise of our outstanding faculty results in students playing with technical ease and musical sensitivity. The first years are vital because they set the stage for everything that follows. Whether a child develops into a professional musician or an amateur, the skills they learn and the joy and love for music will be with them forever.

Starting with our inspiring Suzuki violin teacher, Cassandra Kroondyk, we can take your child from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. Our master teacher, Dylana Jenson, oversees training and begins to work with students as they develop.

The String Academy accepts students throughout the year. Private lessons take place at First Park Congregational Church and also at your private teacher’s studio.

For more information email:


First Park Congregational Church    
10 East Park Place NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


30 minute lesson, Semester, 12 lessons, $360
45 minute lesson, Semester, 14 lessons, $630
Group lessons, Semester, $120

New and returning families - register first below, pay teacher directly with cash or check. Group lesson payments can be made in cash or check made out to: Cassandra Kroondyk

VIOLIN GROUP LESSONS                                                                           

4:15-4:45  Twinkle and Folk Song Group, Ms. Cassandra
4:45 to 5:45  Minuet Group, Ms. Cassandra   


Group Class Concert, Monday December 2 at 5:30PM

Park Church (as above)

Recital, Monday December 9 at 5:30PM

Park Church (as above)                                                                      

"Ms. Dylana Jenson is like two wonderful people wrapped into one. She is the amazing protégé, an artist who has mastered THE repertoire and is able to play it with intense passion. Then there’s the other part of her, the skilled teacher. She is a well-trained teacher, knowing about the anatomy of the body and the workings of the mind to aid in proper violin technique and practicing methods. The amazing and wonderful thing about Dylana Jenson is her incredible skill as a teacher and as a performer. The most valuable lesson that Ms. Jenson taught me is to practice in positivity, go back to what feels comfortable and what is played correctly and build on that. The two largest problems I had were with pain while practicing, and the lack of determination to practice. Ms. Dylana Jenson changed my technique, removing the shoulder rest, changing the chin rest and changing my bow hold into a more natural position. These changes changed my tone for the better and it enabled me to practice longer. She also gave very clear reasons for the changes that she wanted me to make. I would not have traded the semester I had with Ms. Dylana Jenson for any other teacher." 
-L. Brown, student  

"As a teacher of technique, Dylana’s insights have been the most helpful. Her ability to articulate and demonstrate how the body is supposed to feel when learning a new technique is uncanny. This is no small feat when so many teachers’ inability to ‘see inside the body’ lead their students down a road of constant physical injury. Dylana is committed to finding the most relaxed playing position for her students because playing the violin is meant to be an enjoyable and lifelong journey.'"
-Cameron Warne, violin

M.M. Peabody Institute of Music 

Dylana Jenson, Artistic Director
David Lockington, President
Cassandra Kroondyk, Violin Instructor
Eva Adolfo, Cello Instructor

Dylana Jenson, Artistic Director


Faculty Bios

Cassandra Kroondyk received her undergraduate music degree from Indiana State University and her Suzuki violin training from the Chicago Suzuki Institute, with Michelle Higa George. Cassandra's violin experience includes 30 years of performance in orchestras in Indiana and Michigan, and 40 years of studio teaching, the last 25 years of which have incorporated the Suzuki method. She has taught violin at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Suzuki Camp for the last 14 years. Mrs. Kroondyk is one of the founding teachers of Suzuki Strings of Grand Rapids Community College where she taught since 1991 to 2014. Currently she teaches at the String Academy of Grand Rapids.

Eva Adolfo, Cello Instructor

Eva Adolfo, Cello Instructor

Eva Adolfo The String Academy is excited to announce our new Suzuki cello teacher Eva Adolfo. Eva trained at the prestigious Stevens Point Wisconsin Suzuki Institute and has over 10 years teaching experience. Ms Eva teaches beginning cello ages 4 and up.