Teaching Philosophy

Dylana Jenson started playing the violin at the age of 2 and a half. She learned the violin using the Russian technique taught by Leopold Auer. Great artists such as Nathan Milstein, David Oistrakh , Isaac Stern and Jasha Heifetz used this approach. This method develops a natural physical relationship to the instrument.

From ages 7 to 11, Ms Jenson spent many hours per week with Manuel Compinsky, her teacher, in ‘supervised practice’. Slow and careful work on intonation was critical in developing secure technical facility.

To become fluent and artistic on the violin requires many hours of practice. Ms Jenson has never experienced pain or physical discomfort during practice or performance. She attributes this to a natural physical stance that has prevented spinal and left arm problems.

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No words can describe her great intelligence, sensitivity and commitment towards her instrument. She is one of those rare violinists that not only achieves the highest level of performance on stage but is also a truly sincere teacher and pedagogue committed to transferring the great school of violin playing she inherited from the great masters to new generations of violinists.

– Edward Pulgar


Principal Violin, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Professor of Violin, Carson Newman College