Violinist.com interview with Dylana Jenson

Dylana Jenson will be in NYC the month of July, 2013. She will be available for private lessons. Please use website contact email to inquire further.

Ms Jenson’s training with some of the most important violinists and pedagogues of the 20th century makes her a direct line to the artistry and greatness of these old masters. She has found her very own modern musical voice that combines the richness of tone and virtuoso technique of her mentors with an unparalleled understanding of the human body and its relation to violin playing. She transmits her knowledge and skills to her students with true joy, and inspires everyone around her to become better artists.

Dylana Jenson was at the peak of her amazing ascendance as a world renowned violin soloist when she disappeared from the concert stage. Some years later walking in New York City she was approached by a young woman and asked, "didn't you used to be Dylana Jenson?"

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